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French-Israeli Association

AFIV SOFI Open Meeting

FRIDAY 27 MAY| 10.00 – 13.00 | Venue: Abbey

Chairpersons: A. Loewenstein ISRAEL, E. Souied FRANCE

A. Lowenstein ISRAEL, E. Souied FRANCE

Short presentations (Medical Retina)  

Moderators: E. Souied FRANCE, I.Chowers ISRAEL

E. Souied FRANCE      
Is FA still useful in follow up of wet AMD patients?

A. Lowenstein ISRAEL
Selective laser for diabetic macular edema

G. Querques FRANCE 
SD-OCT analysis of reticular pseudodrusen

I. Chowers ISRAEL           
Sporadic Pattern Dystrophy

B. Guigui FRANCE 
Large Colloid Drusen

Short presentations (Surgical Retina) 

Moderators: A. Lowenstein ISRAEL, J. Korobelnik FRANCE

F. Devin FRANCE            
Myopic Foveoschisis, new trends

J. Ferencz ISRAEL               
Vitrectomy for DME - -Is it worth it?

J. Korobelnik FRANCE 
Vitreoretinal surgeries defeated by intravitreal injections     

E. Rosenfeld ISRAEL  
Surgical approach to PHPV

C. Creuzot-Garcher FRANCE 
Combined surgery: pros and cons

Guest Lecture:
A. Gaudric FRANCE 
Imaging of the posterior pole of High myopic eyes

A. Lowenstein ISRAEL, E. Souied FRANCE
Closing comments


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