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EuroLam Symposium

Clinical and Surgical Cases of Unusual Presentation and Complex Resolution

Thursday 6 September - 14.00 - 16.00


Using intraoperative videotapes and case presentations, a panel of internationally recognized experts will demonstrate their approach to various types of vitreoretinal diseases. Clinical evolution and diagnosis options will also be analyzed along with a review of the different management options employed by the panelists.

To familiarize participants with specific treatment recommendations and the management of unusual clinical and surgical vitreo retinal diseases.

Coordinators: D.E. Pelayes ARGENTINA, Borja Corcostegui SPAIN 


M. Battaglia P ITALY
Acute Macular Neuroretinopathy

S. Seregard SWEDEN
Biopsies in intraocular tumours. The ultimate road to diagnosis

Rescue Therapy with Avastin in ROP

G. Richard GERMANY
Intraocular worm (Gnathostoma spinigerum): Vitreoretinal surgery for removal and general considerations

Current use of silicon oil with 23 gauge

B. Damato UK
Surgical treatment of toxic tumour syndrome

Flecked retina disease

Complicated cases of proliferative diabetic retinopathy with small caliber

T. Wolfensberger SWITZERLAND
Coats' disease revisited

U. Schmidt-Erfurth AUSTRIA
Relevance of OCT parameter in macular disease

M. Nahemy BRAZIL
New insights from SD-OCT and treatment of Vitreoretinal Traction

G. W. Aylward UK
Cases of creeping posterior vitreous detachment


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