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Abstract Submission - now closed

Terms and Conditions

Abstracts may be submitted for the following presentation types:

»  Free Paper 
»  Poster 
»  Video Competition

Free Paper and Poster presentations will be considered on the following topics:
»  AMD
»  Anterior/posterior segment surgery
»  Imaging
»  Intraocular tumours
»  New drug treatment and technology
»  Uveitis
»  Vascular diseases and diabetic retinopathy
»  Vitreoretinal surgery

Free Papers

All accepted Free Paper abstracts will be allocated a 6 minute slot.


Please note that Poster presentations will be displayed electronically at the Milan Congress. Instead of presenting a graphical poster on
a board, authors present their Poster as a maximum of 6 Powerpoint slides. On acceptance of a Poster Abstract for presentation in 
Milan, the author will be fully informed of the process for the submission and display of their presentation.

Rules and Regulations

»  All submissions must be made online by the 15 February 2012.

»  Each author may submit a maximum of 2 Free Paper abstracts, 2 Poster abstracts and 2 Video Competition abstracts.

»  You must ensure to indicate whether you are submitting a Free Paper, Poster or Video Competition abstract and indicate the relevant 
Free Paper and Poster Topic.

»  All abstracts will initially be reviewed, graded and accepted or rejected by the Programme Committee. The Committee reserves the 
right to determine whether a free paper submission is accepted as an oral presentation or a poster. The decision of the Committee is final.

»  If a paper or poster is accepted for presentation, the first author must undertake to present it. 

»  The presenter must be a registered delegate at the congress and pay all applicable fees.
»  Failure to present without prior notice to the Programme Committee may influence future acceptance of presentations.

»  Submitted abstracts must include the following information: 

All abstracts must be in English and follow the structured format below

»  The summary of results presented must be given in sufficient detail to support the conclusions. 

»  The Programme Committee will only accept abstracts with final results or conclusions.

»  References and credits cannot be included as part of an abstract.

»  Formulae should, in general, be avoided.

»  When using abbreviations or acronyms for the first time, care should be taken to spell them out in full with the abbreviation in 
parentheses after the full word/s the first time it appears in the text. The abbreviation should be used alone thereafter.

Video Competition Rules & Regulations

»  An international team of experts will judge the entries. Prizes will be awarded to the top three videos.

»  Winners must be present at the Opening Ceremony on Thursday 6 September in order to receive their prize.

»  Videos on any aspect of vitreoretinal surgery will be considered.

»  The total duration of the video, including title and credits, must not exceed 8 minutes.

»  The video must include a narration, music alone will not be accepted.

»  The title and narration of the video must be in English.

»  As your video will not be returned, please do not send the master copy.

»  Both an abstract form and a dvd must be submitted in order for an entry to be considered by the judges.

»  The abstract submission deadline is 15th February 2012 and the video submission deadline is 15th March 2012.

»  Only DVDs and mini DV both PAL in format will be accepted for the Video Competition.No exceptions will be accepted.

»  Videos which promote a company name or logo, acknowledge sponsorship or promote commercial products, will not be accepted.

»  Generic names should be used instead of product names, where possible.

»  Instruments can be shown briefly, but not exceeding 10 seconds.

»  Videos will not be accepted for the Video Competition if they have been presented anywhere in the world in previous years.
However, videos shown at other congresses during the current year will be accepted.

»  No more than 2 videos will be accepted from any author.

»  The decision of the Video Competition Judges will be final and binding.

»  Send only 1 copy of your video and make sure it is labelled.

Send your video to:
EURETINA Video Competition,  2nd Floor, Temple House,  Temple Road,  Blackrock,  Co. Dublin, Ireland





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