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Main Sessions

Main Session 1 - Tumours 

Chairpersons: J. Van Meurs THE NETHERLANDS, N. Bornfeld UK

C. Shields USA, F. Munier Switzerland
Chemotherapy in Retinoblastoma: Recent advantages

S. Coupland UK, M. Zeschnigk Germany
Molecular diagnosis in uveal melanoma: Still bench or already bedside?

H. Heimann Germany, M. Veckeneer The Netherlands
Intraocular biopsy: routine procedure or still experimental?

N. Bechrakis Austria
Brachytherapy, stereotactic radiation or proton beam: Is one superior to the other?

N. Bornfeld Germany,  B. Damato UK
Surgical treatment options: heroic surgery or proven advantages?


Main Session 2 - PVR and Retinal Detachment 

Chairpersons: D. Wong HONG KONG, D. Charteris UK

C. Pastor SPAIN
Genetics of PVR

S. Lesnik-Oberstein THE NETHERLANDS
Retinal re-modelling

L. Wickham UK
Better primary surgery

G. Arumi SPAIN
Retinectomy indications, techniques and results

H. Heimann UK
Long term tamponade

D. Charteris UK,  D.Wong HONG KONG
Future adjunctive and neuro protective therapies

G. Lewis USA
Muller cell and astrocyte remodeling after experimental retinal detachment: role in PVR and strategies to inhibit their reactivity

Main Session 3 - Imaging

Chairpersons: S. Wolf SWITZERLAND, W. Drexler AUSTRIA

M. Paques FRANCE
Imaging macular diseases using adaptive optics

J-F. Korobelnik FRANCE
Wide filed autofluorescence imaging OR Macular pigment measurements

Scanning laser imaging with multiple wavelength

J. Fischer GERMANY
Life-time autofluorescence imaging

R. Leitgeb AUSTRIA
Doppler OCT - blood flow

M. Esmaeelpour AUSTRIA
Enhanced-depth- OCT-imaging for assessment of the choroid

R. Mathew  UK
Comparison of macular thickness between patients with MacTel Type 2 and clinically non-affected family members

S. Schmitz-Valckenberg GERMANY
Imaging of reticular drusen

Main Session 4 - Dry AMD

Chairpersons: U. Schmidt Erfurth AUSTRIA, P. Lanzetta ITALY

C. Curcio USA
Pathophysiology of Atrophic AMD: the Oil Spill in Bruch's membrane and beyond

J. Seddon USA
Risk factors for progression from drusen to advanced disease

U. Schmidt-Erfurth GERMANY
Imaging photoreceptors and RPE using adaptive optics and polarization OCT

E. Midena ITALY
Multimodal imaging in dry AMD: morphology and function

A. Lotery UK
The complement system: Pathogenetic and therapeutic role

G. Williams USA
Treatment of retinal atrophy with encapsulated ciliary neurotrophic factor

R. Ali UK
Genetic diagnostics and therapeutical strategies in molecular genetics in non-neovascular AMD

Main Session 5 - Retinal Vein Occlusions

Chairpersons: E. Stefansson ICELAND, C. Pournaras SWITZERLAND

Pathophysiology of retinal vein occlusion

F. Bandello ITALY
Management of retinal vein occlusion

Anti VEGF treatment for retinal vein occlusion

A. Loewenstein ISRAEL
Steroids for retinal vein occlusion

Laser for retinal vein occlusion

Vitreoretinal interface in retinal vein occlusion

E. Stefánsson ICELAND
Hypoxia in retinal vein occlusion

Main Session 6 - Neovascular AMD

Chairpersons: G. Richard GERMANY, G. Williams USA

A. Lommatzsch GERMANY
Anti-VEGF.therapy of PED 

Long term results of subretinal surgery in wet AMD

G. Richard GERMANY
Bimanual system for complete removal of subretinal haemorrhage in wet AMD

T.L. Jackson UK
Results of the INTREPID study of stereotactic radiotherapy

G. Williams US
CATT-study: Results after 24 months

U. Chakravarthy UK
The results of IVAN trial

Round table
Ranibizumab or Bevacizumab? The consequences from the multicenter studies?

Main Session 7 - Innovative Vitreoretinal Surgery

Chairpersons: B. Aylward UK, S. Rizzo ITALY

A. Augustin GERMANY
Intraoperative OCT: Is it useful?

C. Awh USA
Mechanical Principles in Vitreoretinal Surgery

Chromovitrectomy or novel vital dyes in vitreoretinal surgery

C. Eckardt GERMANY
Combo phacovitrectomy

R. MacLaren UK
Gene therapy for choroideraemia - a new clinical trial

D. Wong HONG Kong
Low viscosity Silicone Oil

S. Rizzo Italy
Artificial retina: the Italian experience

C. Mateo SPAIN
Posterior scleral buckling or vitrectomy in myopic eyes

R. Tadayoni FRANCE
3D techniques in the teaching of vitreoretinal surgery


Main Session 8 - Management of Diabetic Macular Edema. What you need to know

Chairpersons: F. Bandello ITALY, J. Cunha-Vaz PORTUGAL

M. Battaglia ITALY
Definition and New Classification Concepts

Predicting Progression to Diabetic Macular Edema

A. Loewenstein ISRAEL
Present Status of Steroid Therapy. Review of Evidence-Based Data

U. Schmidt-Erfurth AUSTRIA
Present Status of Anti-VEGF Therapy. Review of Evidence-Based Data

P. Lanzetta ITALY
Present Status of Laser Therapy. Role of Substreshold Laser 

F. Bandello ITALY
Combination Treatments and Personalized Management (Presentation of Clinical Cases and Discussion) 

P. Massin FRANCE
Identification of Responders to Treatment title confirmed

B. Mieler USA
How Beneficial is Vitrectomy Surgery for Diabetic Macular Edema?




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