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98th Retinal Detachment Course

Thursday 6 September, 08.30 – 16.00

Primary Retinal Detachment 
(Diagnostics, Options for Repair), The Diabetic Eye 

08.30 - Welcome
I. Kreissig GERMANY

1. Diagnostics: Rhegmatogenous Primary Retinal Detachment

Moderators: I. Kreissig GERMANY, F. La Franco USA

1.1 The 4 Rules to find the primary break
I. Kreissig GERMANY

1.2 A detachment without a break: What to try first? 

2. Cerclage with Drainage

2.1 A look at cerclage after 50 years 
I. Kreissig GERMANY

3.  Minimal Segmental Buckling with Sponge(s) without Drainage

3.1 Indications, optimal tamponade of break(s), video of surgery, longterm results 
T. Boeker GERMANY 

3.2 Differential diagnosis of residual fluid
V. Ferrara ITALY

4.  Minimal Segm. Buckling with temp. buckle without Drainage

Moderators:  T. BoekerGERMANY, B. Mieler USA

4.1 Application, indications, video of surgery, longterm results
I. Kreissig GERMANY 

5.  Gas Operations

5.1 Perfluorocarbon gases: Physical properties; application for difficult retinal tears 
P. Stanga UK

5.2 Pneumatic retinopexy for uncomplicated detachments 
W. Mieler USA

10:55 – 11:15 - Coffee Break

11:15 – 13.00

6. Primary Vitrectomy

Moderators:  B. Aylward UK, J. Schmidt GERMANY

6.1 Rationale, indications, longterm results
F. La Franco USA

7.  Minimal Segmental Buckling for Complicated Detachments

7.1 Reoperation: The 4 Rules to find the undetected break 
I. Kreissig GERMANY 

7.2 How to minimize risk of PVR
G. Richard GERMANY 

7.3 PVR-C1/C2 detachments. Try buckling first: Longterm visual results
F. La Franco USA

8.  Fellow eye of retinal detachment

Moderators: G. Richard GERMANY, N. Sivkova BULGARIA

8.1 Lattice degeneration and breaks in fellow eye: What to do or not to do?
B. Aylward UK

9.  Vitrectomy for Vitreoretinal Problems 

9.1 Vitrectomy for severe PVR: Indications, video, complications, results 
S. Yamamoto JAPAN

9.2  20-, 23-, 25-gauge vitrectomy: Indications, complications, results, comparison
S. Chang USA

13:00 - Group Photo

13:15 – 14.15 - Lunch for Participants

14.15 – 16.00 

10.  The Diabetic Eye

Moderators: S. Chang USA, B. Corcostegiu SPAIN

10.1 Classification of diabetic retinopathy
U. Vossmerbaeumer GERMANY

10.2 Diabetic macular edema: What to do and when?
B. Stoffelns GERMANY

10.3 Differential diagnosis of retinal “elevations” in the diabetic eye

10.4 Vitrectomy in the diabetic eye:Rationale, indications, longterm results
B. Corcostegiu SPAIN

11.  Comparison of Present Techniques for Repair of Primary Retinal Detachment

11.1 Temporary balloon buckle vs. pneumatic retinopexy vs. segmental buckling vs. primary vitrectomy

12. Ambulatory Binocular Occlusion: When to do?

J. Schmidt GERMANY

13.  Case Presentations

Moderator: I. Kreissig GERMANY
Organizer: T. Boeker GERMANY

B. Aylward
S. Chang 
B. Corcostegiu
V. Ferrara
F. LaFranco 
S. Mennel
W. Mieler
G. Richard
J. Schmidt
N. Sivkova
P. Stanga
S. Wolf

S. Beutelspacher 
M. Engelbert
A. Hadoun
V. Ferrara
N. Sivkova
B. Stoffelns     
U. Vossmerbaeumer

14. Distribution of Diplomas

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