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EURETINA Update Sessions

Thursday 20 September

EURETINA Update Session 1:

Paediatric Retina Surgery


Chairpersons: K. Drenser USA, G. Caputo FRANCE

EURETINA Update Session 2:

Retinal Vascular Diseases


Chairpersons: R.O. Schlingemann THE NETHERLANDS, A. Loewenstein ISRAEL

Friday 21 September

EURETINA Update Session 3:



Chairpersons: C. Pavesio UK

Saturday 22 September

EURETINA Update Session 4:

Epidemiology of Retinal Diseases


Chairpersons: C.C.W. Klaver THE NETHERLANDS, R. Finger AUSTRALIA

EURETINA Update Session 5:

Inherited Retinal Diseases


Chairpersons: B. LeRoy BELGIUM

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