EURETINA Main Sessions

Thursday 7 September

Research Session

Chairpersons: R. MacLaren UK, C.C.W. Klaver THE NETHERLANDS

The EURETINA Guidelines for Management of Retinal Disease

Chairpersons:U. Schmidt-Erfurth AUSTRIA , A. Grzybowski POLAND


Chairpersons: F. Holz GERMANY, W. Drexler AUSTRIA, G. Staurenghi ITALY

PDR in 2018: Evidence based treatment in the AntiVEGF Era

Chairpersons: A. Loewenstein ISRAEL,, A. Laidlaw UK, E. Midena ITALY

Vitreoretinal Surgery

Chairpersons: J. Van Meurs THE NETHERLANDS, J. Garcia Arumi SPAIN, A. Laidlaw UK


Chairpersons: R. Tadayoni FRANCE, Y. Ogura JAPAN


Chairpersons: M. la Cour DENMARK, S. Wolf SWITZERLAND, F. Bandello ITALY

Novelties and Late Breaking Developments in Retina & Technology

Chairpersons: J. Garcia Arumi SPAIN, P. Dugel USA, R. Tadayoni FRANCE

Ocular Oncology for Surgical and Medical Retina Specialists

Chairpersons: S. Seregard SWEDEN, H. Heimann UK

Decision Making in Challenging Cases

Chairpersons: A. Gaudric FRANCE, JR Vingerling THE NETHERLANDS~


Chairpersons: C. Pavesio UK

Epidemiology of Retinal Diseases

Chairpersons: C.C.W. Klaver THE NETHERLANDS, R. Finger AUSTRALIA

Retinal Vascular Diseases

Chairpersons: R.O. Schlingemann THE NETHERLANDS, A. Loewenstein ISRAEL

Paediatric Retina Surgery

Chairpersons: K. Drenser USA, G. Caputo FRANCE

Inherited Retinal Diseases

Chairpersons: TBC

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