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Vienna 2018 Congress
Registration Information

Prices are in Euro and are listed without VAT
VAT is charged at 20%
Before 30 June
Before 20 Sept
20 Sept


300 350 400

Non - Member

400 450 500

Trainee/Resident Member*

145 190 240

Trainee/Resident Non-Member*

170 210 260

Healthcare Professional*

150 175 225

Ophthalmic Nurse / Technician*

100 150 200


1100 1300 1500

Registration Opening Times

Wednesday: 14.00-19.00
Thursday: 07.00-18.30
Friday: 07.00-19.00
Saturday: 07.00-19.00
Sunday: 07.00-13.30

Registration Categories

EURETINA Member - Available only to current members of EURETINA

EURETINA Non-Member - Available to ophthalmologists and medical doctors.

Trainee Member - Available to those who are currently in a residency programme and EURETINA members. A verification from your employer is required, please send to registration@euretina.org.

Trainee Non Member - Available to those who are currently in a residency programme and not a member of the EURETINA society. A verification from your employer is required, please send to registration@euretina.org.

Ophthalmic Nurse / Technician - Available only to ophthalmic nurses, technicians, assistants and orthoptists. Documentation such as work ID or a verification letter from your hospital is required. Please sent to registration@euretina.org.

Healthcare Professional - Includes optometrists, practice managers, PhDs, MBAs, healthcare administrators, office support staff, ophthalmic photographers and other healthcare professionals. Commercial representatives are not entitled to pay this fee. Documentation such as work ID is required. Please sent to registration@euretina.org.

Corporate - Available to commercial representatives and corporate personnel who have a legitimate educational or business reason for attending, but do not have a product or service to exhibit. No solicitation is permitted. Employees of exhibiting companies are not entitled to pay this fee and must register via the relevant contact from their company.

Registration Information – Groups

If you are registering more than one delegate please create a GROUP account. Insert company details onto first contact information page, these details will appear on the invoice. At a later stage you will be asked to fill in the delegate information, it is important to use a unique email address when filling out the delegates details. Please insert the company email address into the secondary field provided.

All registrations packages must be assigned to a delegate within 10 days of creating the account. If you wish to edit any account details contact the registration department: registration@euretina.org  

Payment Information

Payment of all registrations and courses must be made within 8 days of purchasing the packages on your account.  These packages will be removed from your account if the payment is not complete within this time frame.

When making a Bank Transfer payment please include your name and User ID number on the confirmation and send a copy of this payment to the registration department.  

When paying on behalf of a group please list your company name and the names of the delegates you are paying for on the confirmation.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Refunds will be made in the following ways

Notification must be received in writing to the Registration Departmentfor refunds to be eligible
Cancellation policy applies to registration and course fees.

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