Trainee Discount

€75 / 1yr

Trainee ophthamologists can apply for the Trainee Discount which gives you 50% off the standard one-year membership (standard price of €150 / 1yr). Once accepted, you can enjoy all the membership benefits of EURETINA as a Standard Member.

To qualify for this discount, you will need to provide a completed and signed EURETINA Trainee Verification Form. 

Download Trainee Verification Form

Once you have a signed Trainee Verification Form, please email it to [email protected]. Then, complete the fields below, and continue through to payment. Once submitted, we will verify your application and get in touch if we require further details on your traineeship. 

The Trainee Discount discount can only be claimed once.
If you do not qualify for the Trainee Discount discount, please return to the Membership Options and select the right package for you.

Sorry, you don't have access to purchase this membership, please try a different option.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Note 1 –  EURETINA is dedicated to diversity and inclusion within the society and its activities. As a result, we are seeking some demographic information to help us understand the gender balance of our membership and event faculties.