Dear Colleagues,

The unprovoked needless war we are watching unfold in Ukraine is truly horrific. As President of Euretina, I want to say in no uncertain terms that I and all members of the Board unanimously deplore this war and are united in condemning President Putin for starting it.

We sincerely hope for a rapid resolution and are united in support of our governments in aggressively sanctioning Russia and other actions to facilitate that end.

In keeping with the principles of the Red Cross, Euretina as an organisation sees its role in mitigating the medical emergency befalling the victims of this war. We are therefore very keen to actively help with the healthcare of Ukrainians suffering from the war. We have connected with our colleagues in the Ukrainian Vitreoretinal Society to understand the scale and specifics of their needs at this moment and will do all we can to urgently provide effective supports.

We hope to maximise our administrative framework, as well as our network of industry contacts and our access to skilled surgeons across the Euretina community to help with this effort. We are reaching out to other societies in the hopes that we might act together to provide more impactful holistic healthcare at this time of unprecedented need for Ukraine.

In the meantime, we offer our sincere and heartfelt support to the people of Ukraine.

Alistair Laidlaw
President, Euretina