EuroVeRsion Case Contest 

Case submissions are now closed.

Description of Contest

The EuroVeRsion Case Contest is an international competitive Vitreo Retinal case and video symposium. It combines the best elements of high-quality video and case presentations by trainee Vitreoretinal Surgeons with the vital competitive element. A break from the usual formal Euretina program this infotainment symposium will sort out the true leaders in European Retina.

Semifinal qualifier will be held virtually. The finalists will be invited to compete at the European cup final during the Euretina meeting live.

The EuroVeRsion Case Competition aims to be a high standard, but enjoyable and entertaining teaching symposium with update on the big data audits which EURETINA are running. The element of competition is introduced to raise standards and encourage audience participation.

It is desirable for there to be one competitor per country, the winner may be competitively nominated at the annual meetings of national societies. The final shortlisting will be made by the competition organisers based on the outline of the presentations. The competitor must have had a role in the management of the case they present. Rare and interesting retinal cases and their management to be discussed by experienced judges in the atmosphere of good humour with competitive edge. 

Two prestigious prizes are competed for:

  • The EuroVeRsionJury Prize, awarded on merit by independent judges, and
  • The EuroVeRsionAudience Prize which, like all referenda, depends entirely on how many of your side you can persuade to attend and vote.   

The faculty has no financial interest in the subject matter or receives funds from any mentioned company. The symposium is not focused on a single company or product.

EuroVeRsion Terms & Conditions

– Please note that you must be an EURETINA Member in order to submit a EuroVeRsion case contest video submission. If you are not a member please CLICK HERE to join. YOURS discount offers 3 years free membership to those under 40.

– The entries may be made by any Vitreoretinal Fellow, who are nominated by a senior vitreoretinal surgeon. Invitation is open to all countries.

– Competitors will be employed in a training post in the relevant country at the time of the Euretina competition.

– Presentations will be in English and will have a Vitreoretinal theme discussing any aspect of presentation or management of vitreoretinal case(s).

– The competitor must have had a role in the management of the case they present or performed at least part of the surgery on that case.

– Presentations should be pre-recorded in MP4 video format, last for no more than 3 minutes. Longer cases will be disqualified.

– The video case entries must be submitted on-line via WeTransfer, details for submitting this will be sent to your email shortly after signing up.

–  All presentations will conclude with the statement: The clinically important take home message(s) from this presentation is (are). No more than 2 take home messages per case are allowed. 

–  There will be questions/discussion from the panel per each case to clarify aspects of the presentations, draw out educational points from the presentation and put the case in the context of the rest of the knowledge in this field. Whilst a light-hearted approach is desirable the point of each panel question/contribution is to improve the audiences’ understanding of the case.

Judging Criteria

– The judging panel will consist of senior Vitreo Retinal surgeons. Scoring will be on based on the following three parameters:

  • Quality of presentation 0-10.
  • Scientific/clinical value 0-10,
  • Take home messages 0-10

– 10 selected semifinalists will participate in a live webinar taking place on the 10th May, 2024 (Further details for webinar to follow).

– In the event of a draw the candidate with the highest scientific/clinical value score will be the winner.

– Judges will not enter a score for a competitor from their country or for one representing a national society of which they are a member.

–  An audience prize during the live meeting will also be awarded. Voting for this will be on a show of hands and or an applause noise meter.

– Competitors and judges will be offered free registration at the Euretina meeting. No funds are available to support the travel or other expenses incurred by competitors or judges. Some Societies have however agreed to subsidize the travel costs of their competitor.

May the best case win!