Introducing the Euretina Special Focus Meeting

The inaugural Euretina Special Focus Meeting is set to convene in Paris, alongside the Myopia Society and the French Myopia Institute. This meeting will feature leading myopia specialists from around the globe, dedicated to sharing the latest discoveries and advancements. The agenda includes a comprehensive discussion on the retinal complications associated with myopia, as well as prevention and management strategies. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore a wide array of topics, ranging from basic science to epidemiology and from medical treatments to surgical complications.
Participants will have the chance to engage with these presentations, interact with field experts, and vote on a declaration that outlines the priorities concerning myopia. This declaration will be announced at the meeting’s conclusion.
The event is scheduled to be held in the prestigious Niemeyer meeting room classified as a French National Historical Monument, with attendance being limited to ensure an intimate and productive environment.
We urge you to register promptly and join us in this vital initiative. It’s an opportunity to deepen your understanding of this increasingly prevalent eye disease and its complications, and to contribute to shaping the future of myopia management.