SESSION 4 | 17:25 – 18:22

Innovations in Retinal Surgery

Moderators: Alistair Laidlaw/ Grazia Pertile


Paul Hallen: Alcon — Innovation lights the path to sight: A surgical anthropologist’s journey


Pierre Billardon: DORC — Driving surgeon-led innovation at the heart of a global device business


Helge Menz: Pharmpur GMBH — Innovation as a key element in addressing climate change, using the PFAS-ban debate as an example

17:49 – 18:22: Panel Discussion (3×11 minutes)

Discussion topics:

  • Surgical tool innovation
  • Intraoperative imaging
  • Device regulation/toxicity challenges/developments    

Pierre Billardon: DORC
Mikhail Boukhny: BVI
Paul Hallen: Alcon
Yehia Hashad: B+L
Stephanie Magazzeni: Zeiss
Helge Menz: Pharmpur GmbH 
Jose Carlos Pastor: University of Valladolid, Spain
Mario R Romano: Humanitas University, Milan
Ron Schneider: Beyeonics
Christoph Spuhler: Acusurgical

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