SESSION 5 | 18:25 – 19:30

Innovations in Imaging and AI

Moderators: Frank Holz/ Ramin Tadayoni


Naama Hammel: Google Health — Detection of diseases and systemic biomarkers in photos of external eyes


Arianna Schoess Vargas: Heidelberg Engineering — Creating a safe space to build clinical confidence in AI


Stephanie Magazzeni: Zeiss — Imaging and AI: making data work for you


Anne Marie Cairns: Optos — ShareLoch: design & implementation of a clinical data warehouse for AI product development


Ralf Hornig: Pixium Vision — The PRIMA Bionic Vision System for patients with Geographic Atrophy


Blaise Thomson: Bitfount — Federated deployment of Geographic Atrophy screening and segmentation models for clinical trial pre-screening

19:13 – 19:30: Panel Discussion

Nicole Eter: University of Munster
Bernhard Guenther: Ophthorobotics
Kester Nahen: Notal Vision
Tunde Peto: Queens University, Belfast

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