EURETINA Mentorship 2021/2022

EURETINA with the support of Roche are delighted to announce a one-year Mentorship Programme for Retina Specialists.

This Mentorship Programme is designed to fufill the goals of the EURETINA mission to assist in the education of the wider ophthalmic community by supporting the professional development of promising retina specialists and mentoring them early in their careers.

Mentorship is a one-year programme. The Mentor and Mentee will meet virtually or live at least once a month to:

  1. Develop a set of clear goals for participation on Mentorship Programme
  2. Be an active participant in meetings and networking opportunities
  3. Take a lead on developing a high-quality research project for publication

Mentors will be volunteers from the EURETINA leadership. It is envisioned that there will be six Mentor/Mentee pairs awarded in 2021/2022. Application for Mentee positions will open in September 2021.

It is envisioned that the early Mentor/Mentee meetings will be virtual. When travel is possible for Mentor/Meeting meetings costs will be reimbursed.

Application process for Mentees

Criteria for applicants:

– Fellowship or equivalent finished maximum in the past 5 years

– Young Retina specialist in training (during fellowship or equivalent)

– Retina fellowship trained or predominantly managing the care of retina patients

– Support by leading retina specialist

– Current membership of EURETINA for minimum of 12 months at time of application

Online application must include:

– Biography of applicant and current position

– Complete CV

– Two letters of reference from members of EURETINA

– Description of proposed research project or research project already in place for which Mentorship would be valuable. Candidate can suggest a Mentor (not from the same country as candidate). It is not guaranteed that this suggestion will be accepted by the awards committee.

Programme for Mentor/Mentee Collaboration

– Mentors and Mentees will meet (virtually) to discuss ongoing networking and research project activities

– All Mentors and Mentees will meet virtually to discuss programme and share research activities

(hopefully face-to-face at EURETINA meeting in Hamburg 2022)
– All Mentees will meet to discuss and share experiences and progress of research
– All Mentors will meet to discuss research and Mentorship programme
– If possible, these meetings will overlap for a short period to include all programme participants


September 1, 2021
– Applications Open

November 15, 2021
– Mentees announced

December 2021
– First Meeting of Mentor pairs

Mentorship Judging Panel Chairpersons

Anat Loewenstein
Ramin Tadayoni

In keeping with EURETINA policy it is envisioned there will be equal participation from male and female candidates.

Application for Mentee positions for 2021/2022 are now closed. We will open applications for the 2022/2023 Mentorship programme in late 2021.