136th Retinal Detachment Course 

136th Retinal Detachment Course: Minimal Extraocular Surgery, Options for Repair; Surgical Video-Session, Case Presentations with Quiz

Time & Date: 5 October, 13:15 – 17:15 CEST
Room: E103/104
Chairperson: Ingrid Kreissig GERMANY


Rules to find the primary break & break in reoperation.

Retinal Detachment Syllabus.

Course Syllabus

1: Diagnostics: Rhegmatogenous Primary Retinal Detachment

1.1: S. Mennel AUSTRIA

Lattice degeneration and breaks in fellow eye: What to do or not to do?

1.2: Vincenzo Ferrara ITALY

Misdiagnosis of retinoschisis

1.3: Daniele Tognetto ITALY

Ambulatory double patching

1.4: Ingrid Kreissig GERMANY

The 4 Lincoff Rules to find the primary break

All Faculty


2: E.O. Minimal Scleral Buckling as Tamponade for Break(s)

2.1: Frank LaFranco USA

Rational, indications, optimal tamponade of breaks, video of surgery:
Complications, long-term anatomical and functional results

2.2: Darius Shroff INDIA

Differential diagnosis of postop. residual fluid after nondrainage

3: Maximal Scleral Buckling with Drainage as Tamponade for Break(s)

3.1: Stefan Mennel AUSTRIA

A look at cerclage after 50 years: Indications, complications, long-term

All Faculty


Break & Group Photo 15:00

4: I.O. Gas Injection as Tamponade for Break(s)

4.1: Abhishek Kothari INDIA

Expanding-gas operation, now called pneumatic retinopexy: As office
procedure for uncomplicated detachments: Indications, complications, long-term results

5: I.O. Surgery for Tamponading Break(s)

5.1: Thorsten Boeker GERMANY

Primary Vitrectomy: Rationale, indications, complications, long-term results

6:  Minimal Scleral Buckling Without Drainage for Complicated Detachments

6.1: Ingrid Kreissig GERMANY

Reoperation: The 4 Lincoff – Kreissig Rules to find the undetected break

6.2: Abhishek Kothari INDIA

How to minimize risk of PVR

6.3: Joerg Schmidt TURKEY

PVR-C1/C2 detachments: Try minimal segm. buckling without drainage first: Long-term anatomical and functional results

7: Comparison of Present Techniques for Repair of Primary Retinal Detachment

7.1: Thorsten Boeker GERMANY

Temporary balloon buckle without drainage vs. pneumatic retinopexy
vs. min. segmental buckling without drainage vs. primary vitrectomy

All Faculty


8: Video-Session: Various Surgeons Presenting Minimal Segmental Buckling Without Drainage

Thorsten Boeker GERMANY
Vincenzo Ferrara ITALY
Abhishek Kothari INDIA

Frank LaFranco USA
Stefan Mennel AUSTRIA
Joerg Schmidt GERMANY
Daniele Tognetto ITALY

9: Quiz of Various Retinal Detachments and their Treatment Options

Thorsten Boeker GERMANY
Ingrid Kreissig GERMANY
Frank LaFranco USA

Vincenzo Ferrara ITALY
Abhishek Kothari INDIA

Ingrid Kreissig GERMANY
Stefan Mennel AUSTRIA
Joerg Schmidt GERMANY
Darius Shroff INDIA
Aditya Sudhalkar INDIA
Daniele Tognetto ITALY
Wilson Wong MALAYSIA

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